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Friday, April 15, 2016


    I was with a friend who uttered the words ‘Frances, nobody is worth it.’ I looked at this my friend that I had tried to show ‘you are loved and worth it ‘on various occasions as the flawed being that I was and my spirit was silent. What I really heard from those words was ‘Frances, I am not worth it.’
    If you think no one is worth it then you’re indirectly trying to say that you don’t think you are worth it. I felt sadness and pity for my friend. That’s a dangerous way to live. My friend like many other people right from childhood had been unlucky with love and guys. Yes, we all fail at one thing or the other over and over but it’s how you let it handle you that matters. How could my friend let the devil win? Was all I could think.  You’ve been battered and bruised; your heart stomped on over and over so that makes you
   I’m about to wax spiritual. Yes, no human is perfect. Yes, we all have flaws but to think yours is the worst and no one would think you worthy of being loved are lies the devil has built in your mind. Something happens to you over and over you begin to believe there must be something flawed about you that makes everyone you’ve opened your heart to and love walk away. You just let the devil build a stronghold with which to control your life in your mind. Yes, it’s normal to briefly or sometimes wonder and doubt if someone loves you and what they even see in you to even love you but to run away because you’re scared your past will come running back that’s what the devil wants. You live in fear of rejection and getting hurt, all your life. You never find happiness. You just exist. Life is a risk. It’s a really sad thing especially when you don’t even recognize it. So you’ll kill people or yourself because no one is worth it and you think you’re not worth it? This is how the Devil gives people depression and leads them to commit suicide by taking control of their minds through the sad, bad and humiliating things they’ve experienced.
   Many people walk around with ghosts of demons past, huge scars that they let swallow them. Me, I believe I’m worth it, you should too. Yes, as humans we’re not perfect but that’s how you know you’ve found love. The person knows you’re not perfect, they see your flaws and still stick around. I don’t mean flaws like killing people and stuff, well serial killers find love so what do I know. When someone loves you after you’ve been thrown away by others, it means they see you as others never did, it doesn’t mean they’re doing you a favor, it means they accept you and are willing to stick around as you work on yourself and they help you do it. Well, they know they’re not perfect too and they’re working on themselves and hope you love and accept them too.
   It’s amazing how people let the devil win them. I just realized there was nothing I could do for my friend but pray. Some people don’t think they’re worth it or that they deserve love no matter how hard you try. Some things aren’t physical and you can’t change it. It has been ingrained in their minds for years. It’s now how they see themselves. No matter how many times you’ve been hurt, don’t think you’re not worth it and others aren’t.  Don’t let circumstances and experiences with mere mortals like you make you feel and think that you and others aren’t worth it. You’ll meet someone that thinks you are but first you have to believe that you are.
   One thing I know is no matter how many times you’ve loved and been let down; it’s not your fault. They weren’t just the right fit for you. Of course people will always give you an excuse as they walk away from you and of course they’d never be at fault. It’s on them, not you.  So to look at you through their actions and eyes is utterly destructive. To go around thinking you’re not worth being loved is a lie from the pit of hell itself.
   God loved the Israelites and took them out of Egypt but being men, they had their many flaws and a journey that should have taken few days took them forty years but God still loved them. We are mortals and flawed by sin but God still loves us. He loves you and He thinks you’re so worth it that He sent his only begotten son to come down and take the form of a man and die for your sins, so we could have a direct access to him. If God who is God thinks you are worth it, how dare you his own creation let the actions of mere men, who are selfish and only look out for their needs, tell you and make you feel and think that you’re not worth it and no one else is?  God loves you and you are made in His image so you are worth it. Yes, man is flawed but every human life and soul is worth it. You reading this, you are worth being loved.  God loves you. Don’t let the devil use your experiences through your mind to drive you into depression, suicide, a loveless life and feelings of worthlessness. You were born into this life no matter how flawed you are in your body or your ways because you are worth it to the world and to people around you and most especially to God and to the people that love you.  Even when you grow old with all the experience in the world or as a clergyman you’ll still have flaws, you’re human. You are worth it. If you feel you’re not worth being loved, try talking to God in prayer for a minute about it. Ask that person or people that say they love you what it is they like about you and give them a chance. Learn to Pray and ask God to fix you and make you worth it and rebuke the devil, the father of all lies.

Thank you for reading my thoughts. 


  1. This was a really lovely and calming post. For your friend and anyone who reads this, you're not alone. It's not just you. We all go through times when we doubt who we are because of our negative experiences especially in the area of love and romance. Thanks for sharing Frances.😊

  2. Needless to say I've someone in mind that fits a perfect description of this your friend. I just shared this with him/her.... I guess you've lifted more than one downcast spirit.

  3. This is so great and uplifting Frances. Keep it up and I know the Holy Spirit will use this to heal somany broken spirits. May God give us the power to understand the magnitude of His love for us even in all our shortcomings.


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