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Friday, August 11, 2017


  It’s been weeks, ok months, I wrote a word down. Not screenplays, I’ve been writing those. I mean an article, my thoughts for you, here, on my blog. I don’t have writer’s block, don’t misread me. I’ve never had that.  It’s far from that. Let’s just say, I decided to still my mind, stop thinking or sharing my thoughts and just go with the flow. Of what use is it?, I think sometimes. Do you read? Do you share them? Do they make any difference at all in your life?
   I just fell into a robotic comatose state. Frances, thou shalt not think. Lol! My thoughts catch up with me sometimes. They flood in. Then I begin to ponder, ‘which do I write down first?’ Then I will myself not to think and not to sit before my computer, stare at the
white blank page and just write. A lot has been happening these days; Our president has decided to set up shop in another man’s land and rule us from there, Lagos is dirty and stinks like hell, ‘Frances, stop o! No thinking or sharing of thoughts, remember?’ I’ll stop there, I think.
  Ok, I feel guilty that I haven’t shared in a long while. It felt great initially but now, I feel like I denied myself of some fundamental human right and turned into the Electricity companies that bring light here and act like they’re doing me a favour when we both know I should have that light twenty four-seven. ‘Frances, no thinking.’ I can’t help it, a lot grinds my gears.
  You can say I’ve been on flight mode for months. Well, I think I’d start writing again. Missed me? It’s fine if you didn’t, I have missed myself. I have missed writing down my thoughts, purging myself and asking the questions of my somewhat overly active and thinking mind.

Write or flight, Frances?’ I’m going to stop being a coward and start living even if no one reads or does. Write, please, thank you. Flight is no more for me. Write, it is. Write, it is.


  1. Good idea to keep writing. I think the primary mission of all writers is to put it down first, what becomes of it after, is secondary.

    1. Thanks Laspapi for your wise words.You are right about that.

  2. ;-) really good to see you back on! And yes, fire away!

    1. Thanks Broschris! I'm happy to be back here. Trust you're good?

  3. Try posting your blogs on steemit, you may find it useful


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