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Saturday, April 29, 2017


Hmmm, where do I start?  So, early this year I ran into someone I know who told me how last year had been phenomenal for him and how he’d been invited to the UN (United Nations) for a youth conference. I was happy for him; I praised God for His marvelous work in his life.
I chatted with another friend who brought this same guy’s story up. I was even sent a picture of him seated in the United Nations. So, I went on his social media handles, saw the pictures and what he wrote about being specially invited because of his NGO, I was happy.
This other friend went on wishing she had the guy’s luck, tapping into his blessing, praying that the work of her hands would make a way for her  and the UN would invite her someday too. That imagine how people would view her then, as a girl with a vision, a girl who moved in the right circles and cliques, an international girl, that with that kind of opportunity more doors would open for her and people in top places will respect her and seek her out as it is happening for this young man. That she can just imagine uploading that picture on her Instagram, how people will take her serious. That she can imagine how babes would be dying on top the guy’s matter. I laughed at her and reminded her everyone’s paths were different.

Today, I was searching for opportunities online and I came upon one that talked about a UN fellowship.

‘Interesting opportunity’ I thought.

 I went ahead to their main site, saw the guy’s picture and my interest increased.

‘I’m so going to send this link to my friend, her prayers are about to be answered’, I had thought to myself.

 I read on and saw where they mentioned packages. I was perplexed.

Friday, April 28, 2017


The term and word ‘Happiness’ is relative. It is not something that can be held, touched. It means different things to different people plus different things bring it for different people. 
For thousands of years, humans have pursued happiness. They have tied happiness to different things and people.
You hear people say things like;

‘I’ll be happy when I’m successful.’
‘I’ll be very happy when I get married.’

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