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Friday, March 17, 2017


Corruption is a noun that has become synonymous to Nigeria. Please indulge my thoughts on the matter as you read.

Before we got colonized, we had a trade by barter system. Asides from that if you wanted a favour from a rich man or a neighbour, etc, you don’t go empty handed. You go with a keg of palm wine, tubers of yam or some gift to curry their favour. They say it is African culture. I say we converted that culture and are doing it in cases we shouldn’t today.

Nigeria was colonized by Britain. We all know by now that the aim wasn’t to give us religion but to plunder our numerous resources. Imagine looking at so much wealth and resources but you can’t control it, touch it or enjoy it but only get what’s doled out to you by the colonial masters. You watch them cart away resources worth millions and billions of pounds. You can’t do anything about it.  Every single dime is controlled by another who came from somewhere.

Then the clamour for independence began. Yes, some patriots’ real motivation was to take back control and make Nigeria great but for some it was to enjoy what they had seen the ‘Masters’ enjoy and be like them.
Independence came and the plundering continued.

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