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Friday, December 29, 2017


  In the beginning of each year, asides New Year resolutions, most make plans for the year. Now, the year is ending, they reflect and check if they achieved their goals or not. I just want to tell you, it doesn’t matter if you didn’t.
  It’s easy to focus on the big things you wanted and planned, to look at other people you feel got what you wanted, living the life you want and almost go green with envy. First, you are in competition with no one but yourself. Everyone has a different life purpose, experiences and choices and will arrive at the destination via a different ways. No reason to be envious.
  Secondly, you are paying attention to the big things that shouldn’t matter and forgetting the little important ones.

  • You can breathe, walk, sleep, use the restroom unaided, see, eat, use your two hands, etc. You are healthy.
  • You have food to eat. No matter how bad things are for you, you do.
  • When there is life there is hope. Your story is still being written. You have a long journey ahead. That it didn’t happen this year, look forward not backwards.
  • You even have data. Lol! You have data on your phone to come online and see this post. Plus you have a Smartphone. 
  • You aren’t where you were four years ago. You have moved forward, no matter how slow that movement looks to you.
  Imagine this scenario; a child tells his dad he wants a new expensive toy and dad keeps telling him “I will but not now.” Kid is so fixated on getting that toy that he doesn’t tell dad thank you for feeding him, clothing him, giving him pocket money, buying him other things. Yes, dad bought him other things but he never acknowledged them because all he wants is that new expensive toy. If you were dad, would you feel happy getting him that toy? A loving dad will still get it for him but how would you feel?
  It’s easy to stay obsessed with the things we want and forget the things we do have. Stay positive towards yourself and this New Year. The New Year has a lot of beautiful and wonderful surprises for you so keep pressing forward.
In all, don’t forget the God you serve.  God’s not done with you.
  Stay grateful, no matter how hard it feels and what you lost this year. What’s gone is gone. Let it all go with this year, so you can make space for what the New Year has for you. Stay positive!
Happy New Year!
Thank you for reading my thoughts. What are yours?

Tuesday, December 5, 2017


Frances Okeke: HAPPINESS AND COUPLES’ FULFILLMENT: I woke up this morning pissed after I had heard that the Oil marketers had decided to cheat innocent Nigerians out of enjoying the yuletid...


I woke up this morning pissed after I had heard that the Oil marketers had decided to cheat innocent Nigerians out of enjoying the yuletide season by hiking the fuel price.
My displeasure turned into laughter when I read in the Punch Newspaper that Governor Rochas Okorocha of Imo state has appointed twenty-eight new commissioners. That is not funny, I know. The funny part is the name of the new ministry he just created out of nowhere and placed his biological sister at the helm. The ministry is called

Friday, November 24, 2017


In today’s world the word ‘Dating’ has become synonymous to sex and a relationship. Dating used to be a get to know period. A time you ask the important questions and see if you are both compatible then move it a step further towards courtship then marriage.
Dating is the first step for seeking out a life partner. Now, it’s just for the fun of it. No goals, no purpose.
Dating now means, ‘in a relationship’ with someone. Scratch that, ‘in a sexual relationship.’
Well, you see people who are supposedly dating and date for years then they tell you’ I can’t marry her’ , ‘I can’t marry him’.

Why be in a relationship with that person in the first place? Call me old school but dating isn’t an exclusive relationship. I can go on dates and get to know three men or more, ask questions, study them all.  If any fits, we move on to courtship. I don’t understand why people do things without purpose. Or why dating which is the first step should take years, months and have sex involved in it.
Some guys now, thanks to the times, ask you out, then tell you they want to date you to get you into the stage of we are boyfriend, girlfriend just so they can have sex with you. When you say, you don’t want to have sex, you hear things like;
“What are we dating for?”
“It’s what people who date do.”
“Are you not my girlfriend?”

If you are not ready to get married or not looking for a life-mate what then is your purpose as a man or woman for dating in the first place?
Dating like I said earlier was a get to know period. Sex was never part of it. Throwing sex into it blurs the lines between the dating and courtship period and then you believe you have moved on to courtship and you keep expecting and hoping he marries you.
When you go into it with a purpose, in the first three dates you both have, you should have a better understanding and can tell from the little but important questions to you that you have asked,  if you both align and if you’d consider moving it a step further.
Dating is getting to know if we can and not that we are in a relationship and sex must and should happen.

Asking a lady out on a date is termed romantic because you are interested in her as a woman and you are searching for a life- mate for the future and not because sex is on the table that day and you just want to bang that hot body you see for the months and years you’d be in a relationship. I think you should date with a plan, not for the fun of it and not with the flow. Why date if you are not ready to get married?
Then when the girl you have been sleeping with and have been in a relationship with, that has given you time, affection, care, sex, sometimes money, cleaned and cooked for you for months or years asks you “what’s the plan for the future?”, you run away, end things and say she was trying to force you to marry her or putting on demands, pressure, bla bla bla.  Biko, what was your plan, the timeline in the first place?

Dating should be a time for discovering a little about the life principles and character of the other person and it shouldn’t take months. You can date more than one man or woman when it’s platonic and it’s just get to know.

Maybe, I’m the one who is confused by today’s world were certain words have lost their true meanings and have become diluted and now mean something entirely different.
If you decide you want to date but don’t have marriage or forever in view or you just want to have sex and fun, ask the person you are planning on doing that with if they want the same thing. If you are both on the same page, have at it. Tomorrow, you won’t hear talks on marriage from him or her.

I think I’ll talk about the term ‘Hanging out’ in my next post.

Thank you for reading my thoughts. What are yours?

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Frances Okeke: STATE OF ORIGIN

Frances Okeke: STATE OF ORIGIN: “ What is your state of origin ?” Right from primary school, I have always detested being asked that or her brother, “Where are you f...

Friday, November 10, 2017


Right from primary school, I have always detested being asked that or her brother, “Where are you from?” In my head I always ponder, “Don’t I look Nigerian?”  My next question always is, especially when it’s a face to face conversation or via chat. “I’m a Nigerian, does the state of origin of my parents really matter?” they always say yes.

Sad truth, in this country your state of origin matters every step of the way. You might be the brightest student in the batch to get into a Federal Government college; your state of origin can deny you from getting in. To apply for a degree course in a Federal University, you might have the highest post-ume mark, pass the cut off for Law and they throw you away from the Law department of the school, the only excuse they will give you is, “You don’t fall into the catchment area.” In my head, I think, ‘Excuse you! Was I blind when I knowingly applied to your university? Don’t I know what state it is in?” You pick yourself up and step out the office. You meet a law student from the North or from the state that has 43 in the Post-Ume and you had above 70 plus over 300 in Jamb and your A1 in Government and awesome WAEC result but you can’t get in because of your state of origin.

You graduate from university with a great result; you decide to apply for a job. Another sad truth is, be it a federal government job or a private sector job you will be asked what your state of origin is. Some employers in the private sector won’t give you a job because of the prejudice and bias they have towards someone or people from your state (tribe). It may not be a personal experience but something they heard about someone from your state. You may have been the most qualified for the job but you won’t get it. Getting a federal government job in a state that isn’t your state of origin even if you have lived in that state all your life and have a first class in your first degree plus a master’s degree and a PhD to back it up, you will be asked to go to your state of origin that you’ve never been to for say three months your whole life to go apply for the job.

Then you decide to run for political office, let me go way down, you decide to run for the position of a local government chairman in a local government you have lived in for forty years plus, in a state you have paid taxes in for years, your state of origin is a deciding factor. It is same with every other political position; you can’t expect to represent a constituency in a state that you didn’t originate from. Even to become president, state of origin matters, it tells if people will vote for you or not, plus your religion.

They say they want to keep Nigeria together. They want to end tribalism. They want every Nigerian not to feel marginalized and abandoned. I’m sorry; we feel it, every step of the way right from when we are kids.

What’s my solution? Can the state of origin question be taken out application forms in every level and in every part of the country? You’ll say but someone can tell your tribe just by hearing your name. What does my tribe and the state I was born into have to do with my competency as a human, as a professional in my field, as a good or bad person?
No one asked to be born a Nigerian. I’m sure if most of us had been asked by the Creator what country we’d like to be born into on earth, Nigeria will not be the most populated Black country in the world. Lol.
In that same way, no one asked to be born into any state or tribe
You travel abroad and what you are asked is” What country are you from?”  It’s not what tribe. You see people’s reaction towards you when they hear Nigeria.
 Imagine living in a country where most are marginalized and made to feel like foreigners right from birth no matter how accomplished they are by their fellow countrymen just because they are from a state and tribe they do not like and are not from.

After scrapping the catchment area and state of origin questions and criteria in schools, companies, federal government agencies etc. I also should be allowed to sue anyone be it a school or company that I feel denied me of a job, a contract or a place in their institution despite my qualifications and passing their marks just because of my state of origin.
I think this way Nigeria will move forward. The right students, teachers and lecturers, will get into the right schools and courses; will be taught by qualified teachers and lecturers and when the students graduate, we will have competent and highly skilled professionals.  Our federal agencies, etc will have competent people irrespective of what part of the country they are from, same with our political offices.

Who I am, what I can do, bring to the table, what kind of person I am, my personal and professional principles are what you should be eager to know, to see and not what part of the country I am from. This is what every Nigerian deserves in Nigeria. This is what we should do and address if we really and truly want to create one Nigeria.  It’s part of the many steps to that.  Let’s create the unity we want with actions and inclusion. Stay pro-Nigerian.

Thanks for reading my thoughts. What are yours?

Saturday, November 4, 2017

Frances Okeke: WHO THEY SAY I AM

Frances Okeke: WHO THEY SAY I AM: In life, right from when we’re little we often wonder what people think of us. I’m sure you’ve asked yourself one or two of these ques...


In life, right from when we’re little we often wonder what people think of us.
I’m sure you’ve asked yourself one or two of these questions;
‘Do they like me?’
‘How do I make them like me?’
‘What will people say when they know this about me?’
‘How do they see me?’
There are lots of questions, I’m sure you’re already thinking of more.

We worry ourselves thinking about other people’s

Thursday, October 19, 2017


Frances Okeke: OKORO AND HIS ZUZU: OKORO: My one and only Zuzu. You know I love you very much. ZUZU: Love fire! You say you love me but you keep hiding me. OKORO: Th...


OKORO: My one and only Zuzu. You know I love you very much.
ZUZU: Love fire! You say you love me but you keep hiding me.
OKORO: That’s not true. I can announce my love for you to the world. I can scream it from the mountains, from the tallest tree, from…
ZUZU: Story! You are all talk and no action. Mstcheew!
OKORO: I’m going to

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Frances Okeke: IF MEN ARE HUNTERS...

Frances Okeke: IF MEN ARE HUNTERS...: If men are hunters what does that make women? Prey? “A man is a hunter” “A man loves the chase” Let’s reason this out a little. We...

Friday, October 13, 2017


We have all heard this cliche sentence, it falls on both genders but i will look at it as it's been used for generations.

If men are hunters what does that make women? Prey?
“A man is a hunter”
“A man loves the chase”

Let’s reason this out a little. We shall refer to man as hunter and woman as prey in this scenario.
A hunter sees a prey; the prey is beautiful and graceful. He wants the prey,

Thursday, October 5, 2017


The crafters' conference has come and gone but it will come again. 

Azeezat, ZazeeCraft CEO, The conference creator.

Respect to everyone here present, listening and/or watching. Distinguished speakers for this occasion; Professor Niyi Osundare, Mrs Oluseyi Abdullahi, Mrs Tosin Oludosu Adebowale and Mr. Kuti George, members of the panel of discussants, representatives of SMEDAN and BOI, the media and corporate partners, crafters, and exhibitors, please accept our warm welcome.
We are delighted to have you with us to be part of the maiden edition of The Crafters Conference which is being hosted by The Zazee Crafts. Your presence here serves as a re-assurance to us on the premium you place on crafting as a vocation and indeed crafters as an integral part of the Nigerian economy. We thank you once again for coming.
The Zazee Crafts is committed to promoting and projecting crafting as an enjoyable and profitable vocation that can help galvanize the Nigerian economy. We want crafting to be elevated as a viable option in the national entrepreneurship drive; and also that crafters be recognized as valuable contributors to the nation’s development.
Our immediate goal is to forge solidarity with crafters, bringing into focus their peculiar challenges and the prospects for a successful career in crafting.  Hence, the theme for this year’s conference: “Crafting the Future with Both Hands.”
The general point of this theme is to show that crafting has a big role in the future development of this country. But of more urgent and particular importance is the need to properly shape the crafters – current and aspiring ones – to fit into and meaningfully impact that future that is unfolding.
We are honoured to have Prof. Niyi Osundare, Mrs Oluseyi Abdullahi, Mrs Tosin Adebowale and Mr. Kuti George to help address the underlying issues. Prof. Niyi Osundare is a renowned poet and university lecturer. I have no doubt that his decades of mentoring experience would be a vital resource on this occasion. From both Mrs Abdullahi and Mrs Adebowale who are established entrepreneurs, we could expect practical guides on how to chart a course to success as crafters. And I am quite sure the deep insights and experience of Mr.Kuti in financial matters would complement the other speakers excellently.
So, clearly we are in competent hands – for knowledge, new insights, inspiration, excitement and fun.

I welcome you once more, on behalf of Zazee Crafts, to the 2017 edition of The Crafters’ Conference.


It was worth it. To see videos and pictures from that day, check out their Instagram @thecraftersc or mine @thefrancesokeke.

Hope you'll attend the next one?

Sunday, October 1, 2017


(Blast from the past. I look forward to the year I'll discard this article.)

   The Nigerian Independence day has come. I always have mixed feelings every time it comes around.  Why? Despite all the money pumped into the country, sometimes borrowed, the country doesn’t seem to be moving forward.  Some people spend their time blaming the colonial masters for taking different confederacies and gluing them together to form a country; some spend their time blaming the leaders past and present, then the rest don’t even care. Well, the general news is that our leaders are the problem the country has, they destroy the country by stealing away the money meant for the masses, they say.
This leads me to the heart of my thoughts on this. Our national anthem, which I regret to say, some don’t even know the words, others know it but recite it like a poem they had to cram. They don’t know the meaning of the words in the National anthem, especially the first line.


Well, the National anthem should be scrapped because it is nothing but a farce.

Monday, September 11, 2017


The Crafters’ Conference

Theme: Crafting the future with both hands,  

Date: 23 Sept; 2017

Venue: The Shalom Park and Events Centre, Unity bus
stop, Igando

The Crafters’ Conference is a platform designed for members of the craft community to showcase various talents and creatives that will beat your imagination.

The conference which is the first of its kind is organized by The Zazee Crafts; a paper and fabric crafts venture.

The Crafters’ Conference is a capacity building forum for people, especially the young, in different dimension of crafting. It is mainly in consideration of the important role of entrepreneurship in the development of the nation’s economy.

According to Azeezat Sanni; the Founder/Executive Creative Director of the venture and Convener of the conference;
‘We feel obliged to organise an event such as this to contribute our quota to youth and
entrepreneurship development in Nigeria. It is our conviction that many aspiring and already
established crafters would benefit immensely from various interactions ensued with the conference audiences and fellow crafters.
The conference which is also enriched with exhibition, training and retraining, it's our believe that the initiative will positively impact our image as a growing institution that is genuinely committed to promoting the spirit of enterprise, through craftsmanship, among young Nigerians.”

Participating in this laudable idea are Mrs. Oluseyi Abdullahi; the pioneer crafter in Nigeria, Founder/MD of Crafties Hobby Limited, Mrs. Olutosin Oladosu Adebowale; Founder Tosin Turn Trash To Treasure (5T) Foundation, Mr. S. T. Kuti George; President, Nigeria Small and Medium Scale Industrialists (NASSI) and Professor Niyi Osundare.

For further enquiries on events activities, registration and participation visit

Saturday, September 2, 2017


 Society has existed for generations, before you and me were even thought of being conceived. There are rules that have been passed down for as long as society has been in existence. They have been tried and tested from generation to generation. We all still met them and we follow them. Does it make the old rules bad? Nope. There are rules everywhere; relationships, friendship, business, etc.

In relationships:     
·         You don’t have sex with a guy on a first date or he’ll see you as a tramp.  I know a girl that had sex with a guy on the first day, they’re married now with kids and very happy.

·         You’re a man, don’t let a girl know how much you like her, show her

Friday, August 25, 2017


  In the old days, a man was as good as his word. People would say of him ‘he’s a man of honour.’, if a man gave his word and kept it. A man’s word was enough. It was his bond, his measure. People who didn’t keep their words were seen as scoundrels, liars, not trust worthy. Men went as far as fighting duels and wars for broken words. The  ability to keep one's word was a thing of pride, of honour.
   Today? Words are meaningless. People just spout them to get what they want from you and move on. It’s that simple. We say words we don’t plan on keeping and see nothing in it when we break them. It’s really sad. Integrity is gone.
   Let’s start with the biggest and most used sentence in the world today, ‘I love you.’ It used to hold so much power in it. Now, we hear it and don’t even believe it. That’s what gross misuse causes. There’s nothing wrong with really meaning something before you say it. If your partner tells you they love you and you know you’re not there yet, then please don’t say 'I love you' until you mean it. A lot of us believe that it is what people in a relationship or in a marriage are supposed to say, so we say it in all our relationships, even though deep down in our hearts we know we don’t and then a month later the relationship ends, we close the door firmly to that person we supposedly love or do things to cause the end of the relationship. The real power in those words is to know the real meaning of the words in the sentence and mean them. If you understand that there is power in the tongue and that your word should be your bond, you’d weigh it a lot before you speak.
   ‘She’s my friend.’ ‘You’re my friend’. The word ‘friend’ is another. It is meaningless. You meet someone today and you sing he’s my friend when you don’t even know twat about the person. That you laugh and smile with someone doesn’t make them a friend, they are your acquaintance. Acquaintance has dropped off people’s tongues. If you’re like me you get sceptical when people sing ‘I’m your friend.’ If the person you call a friend is down in the gutter, you don’t know nor really care. Well, blame it all on social media for helping us change the meaning of the two words. That we work in the same office and share jokes does that make one a friend? That word is gone. If you call someone your friend then maybe you should act like one and not kill them and be the one to slander their name and character to others. That isn’t friendship. Not everyone that says they are your friend is as most of us find out later.
   Today, we take people’s words with a pinch of salt. Even contracts that are meant to be binding are not binding because people still break them. Most people are used to taking words uttered to them as nothing while some lose it when people say 'yes' now and turn around to say 'no' later. It pisses the hell out of them and they go as far as cutting ties with such people. Sincerely, every time they have ever lost their cool if they sit sown now to think about it was when people they supposedly trusted to keep their word as they tried hard to keep theirs, didn’t. It irks them every time. They try hard to comprehend why people don’t mean what they say. It’s just a way of life today. Go see couples at the altar then follow the spouse that breaks their word. It’s the world of today.
   If we expect God, Allah, the universe whatever form you choose to keep their word, why can’t you man, made in God’s image not keep yours to another man? I see it as a thing of respect really. God respects us as little as we are. We don’t keep our words to people we don’t respect; we take them for granted and have no regard for them. It’s that simple really.
   We  say we love God but disobey his  commandments  without feeling bad. We utter vows but don't keep them after we say 'I do.' Well, we look after 'I' in us.
  We say what we think people need to hear to get what we need from them, if we don’t hold ourselves to high principles and standards enough to make our yes, our yes, why should we expect our leaders to keep to their words? It’s a circle, a chain reaction, if you can call it that. If we can’t keep the words we say to our children, we lose their respect and trust slowly without knowing it.
   Even the Bible tells us there is power in the tongue. Words come out of that tongue. A life of friendship can be broken easily when trusted word is broken.
   We need to, all of us; we need to work on it. No one has a gun to your head; if you don’t mean it then don’t say it. Get some principle and discipline today. Teach it to your children, your friends, neighbours, help this country and the world get back on the right track. If I can’t keep a word I say today and I get into power tomorrow, what do you think I’d do? 
   People might call you stupid and laugh at you for always striving to say what you mean and keeping it but do it anyway. In the silence of their hearts, you’d earn their respect for it but don’t do it for them but for you. Why not be different in a world filled with insincerity, pretense and lies?
   I could go on and on but in a few words this whole article is, ‘Everything you say is more than words. Say only what you mean and can keep.’
 Thank you for reading my thoughts.

Friday, August 18, 2017


Dear Gov. Ambode and Lawma,

Do you live in Lagos? Can you picture Lagos, August last year and now?
Don’t get me wrong, I think you, Monsieur Governor are doing well e.g. Berger i.e. the entrance of Lagos looks amazing. Back to the main issue.

Friday, August 11, 2017


  It’s been weeks, ok months, I wrote a word down. Not screenplays, I’ve been writing those. I mean an article, my thoughts for you, here, on my blog. I don’t have writer’s block, don’t misread me. I’ve never had that.  It’s far from that. Let’s just say, I decided to still my mind, stop thinking or sharing my thoughts and just go with the flow. Of what use is it?, I think sometimes. Do you read? Do you share them? Do they make any difference at all in your life?
   I just fell into a robotic comatose state. Frances, thou shalt not think. Lol! My thoughts catch up with me sometimes. They flood in. Then I begin to ponder, ‘which do I write down first?’ Then I will myself not to think and not to sit before my computer, stare at the

Saturday, June 10, 2017


Dear German Mango,
Oh how I have longed for you, my love,
My heart broke when I had to leave you across the Niger,
Finding a glimpse of you on the crowded streets of Lagos,
Is like waiting for a light bulb to come alive with electricity,
One day, I saw you but the woman wouldn’t let me have you without bleeding me dry,
Your brother Sherry tried to seduce me but I ran,

Friday, May 12, 2017


Frances Okeke: GOVERNOR IFEANYI OKOWA AND THE 15MILLION NAIRA GIF...: Silas: Efenation! Chai! This boy is blessed. This boy is… Vendor: Oga, no dey open my paper like that unless you wan buy am. (snatch...


Silas: Efenation! Chai! This boy is blessed. This boy is…
Vendor: Oga, no dey open my paper like that unless you wan buy am. (snatches the paper from him)
Paul: What! Fifteen million naira!
Silas: He who God has blessed no man can curse. Kai! I wish I was him. God bless this Governor and…
Paul: Was the fifteen million for a service he rendered to the state or a contract. Mr vendor, please let me…
Vendor: You wan buy the paper?
Paul: I just want to read this story.
Vendor: Me I just want to enter helicopter, build one storey building for my village and visit Queen Eliza.
Silas: (laughs) Tap into efenation’s blessing. The way…
Paul: Touché Mr vendor.
Vendor: why I go touch you?
Paul: I didn’t…Ok, do you have any idea why the fifteen million naira was given?
Vendor: Na dash e dash am.
Paul: Dash?
Vendor: Gift.
Paul: Wow! This can’t be true. It must be a rumour.
Vendor: Rumour ke? You no see am for paper?
Paul: it must be someone trying to tarnish the Governor’s image.

Friday, May 5, 2017


I overheard a group of people discussing the suicides in the country lately. One of them said,

‘How can someone who is a doctor, has a job, a car, he even has a driver o, come and tell us he’s depressed. What about people that don’t even have money to buy pure water to drink, have they killed themselves?’

Everyone laughed amidst shouts of agreement. Another went on,

‘If you’re rich or a celebrity in this country, you have no stupid reason to commit suicide.’

Saturday, April 29, 2017


Hmmm, where do I start?  So, early this year I ran into someone I know who told me how last year had been phenomenal for him and how he’d been invited to the UN (United Nations) for a youth conference. I was happy for him; I praised God for His marvelous work in his life.
I chatted with another friend who brought this same guy’s story up. I was even sent a picture of him seated in the United Nations. So, I went on his social media handles, saw the pictures and what he wrote about being specially invited because of his NGO, I was happy.
This other friend went on wishing she had the guy’s luck, tapping into his blessing, praying that the work of her hands would make a way for her  and the UN would invite her someday too. That imagine how people would view her then, as a girl with a vision, a girl who moved in the right circles and cliques, an international girl, that with that kind of opportunity more doors would open for her and people in top places will respect her and seek her out as it is happening for this young man. That she can just imagine uploading that picture on her Instagram, how people will take her serious. That she can imagine how babes would be dying on top the guy’s matter. I laughed at her and reminded her everyone’s paths were different.

Today, I was searching for opportunities online and I came upon one that talked about a UN fellowship.

‘Interesting opportunity’ I thought.

 I went ahead to their main site, saw the guy’s picture and my interest increased.

‘I’m so going to send this link to my friend, her prayers are about to be answered’, I had thought to myself.

 I read on and saw where they mentioned packages. I was perplexed.

Friday, April 28, 2017


The term and word ‘Happiness’ is relative. It is not something that can be held, touched. It means different things to different people plus different things bring it for different people. 
For thousands of years, humans have pursued happiness. They have tied happiness to different things and people.
You hear people say things like;

‘I’ll be happy when I’m successful.’
‘I’ll be very happy when I get married.’

Friday, March 17, 2017


Corruption is a noun that has become synonymous to Nigeria. Please indulge my thoughts on the matter as you read.

Before we got colonized, we had a trade by barter system. Asides from that if you wanted a favour from a rich man or a neighbour, etc, you don’t go empty handed. You go with a keg of palm wine, tubers of yam or some gift to curry their favour. They say it is African culture. I say we converted that culture and are doing it in cases we shouldn’t today.

Nigeria was colonized by Britain. We all know by now that the aim wasn’t to give us religion but to plunder our numerous resources. Imagine looking at so much wealth and resources but you can’t control it, touch it or enjoy it but only get what’s doled out to you by the colonial masters. You watch them cart away resources worth millions and billions of pounds. You can’t do anything about it.  Every single dime is controlled by another who came from somewhere.

Then the clamour for independence began. Yes, some patriots’ real motivation was to take back control and make Nigeria great but for some it was to enjoy what they had seen the ‘Masters’ enjoy and be like them.
Independence came and the plundering continued.

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