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Tuesday, January 5, 2016


  Before I commence let me state that for the purposes of this article a Virgin is not just a girl as many have dashed the importance or duty of being a virgin to the female human. A virgin is a boy or a girl. Both males and females came into this world as virgins. Well, if you’re in the group that doesn’t understand how a male can be a virgin let me clarify a bit more.
   A virgin means you’ve had no carnal knowledge or pleasure i.e. you’ve never had sex in any of its forms most especially penetrative sex. You will agree that a boy comes into this world pure as does a girl.
   Religion and culture for centuries has made it a thing of pride and necessity that purity or abstinence from sex be adhered to. Sadly, it’s been left to the females because their bodies have a proof in the hymen to show that they’re virgins. It’s put pressure on females over the years. The males get away with it because there’s nothing to show it in their bodies. I’m guessing this is one of the things that led to the one sided notion that only females are virgins and should be virgins. I’m speaking from the cultural perspective now. Being a virgin has been considered a thing of pride for generations by females. You even hear them say ‘Every man wants a virgin’. The voice in my head is crying ‘Why shouldn’t females demand the same from the males?’ (Every woman should want a virgin and hold the men to the same expectation they’ve been given.)

    You see the males popping cherries, having sex and sowing their wild oats before they finally decide to settle down with a female in marriage, sad to note that this marriage takes place in a religious setting i.e. the two dominant religions; Christianity and Islam.
  Let it be noted that these two religions preach purity. I’ll stress more on the Christian religion that I’m conversant with. It’s stated clearly in the Bible which is the word of God Yes, Fornication is listed as one of the don’ts. Paul the Apostle also said fornication is a sin against the body and CHristians should run from fornication as it is a sin against self and God. Fornication is sex between unmarried persons, two people not married to each other, even self pleasing i.e. masturbation is fornication. It takes two to tango; boy and girl. It never said an unmarried girl shall not fornicate. So, what’s up with the double standards everywhere? Even religious heads in some churches forget to remind their congregation that being a virgin and not fornicating was meant for both sexes. A school of thought will argue that the term ‘fornication’ does not mean sex before marriage, true. Ok, Sex was made by God for married couples, two become one is for married people. Married people married to each other o and not adulterers. Here, I’m talking about unmarried people having sex and not the various branches of fornication.

   Sadly, the choice of not staying a virgin was taken away from most boys (Topic for another day) when they were children without their consent by female teachers, aunts, maids through acts of rape and molestation though they never admit it was rape. Some ladies as we all know and admit lost theirs by rape. For the purpose of this article I’m addressing sex as penetrative sex alone. (Well, to me the sixth commandment covers all offences against the virtue of chastity. )
There’s been a silent and sometimes verbal feud between virgins and non-virgins.

   Most virgins carry on like they’re the holiest of beings. They act like they should be revered and worshipped because they’re virgins. The simple fact of them being a virgin automatically makes them special and a good person. They judge others that aren’t. They think God will keep a place in heaven for them because they are.
   Most non-virgins avoid virgins like the plague. They rub it in the virgins’ faces that they’re weirdos and nerds that never had the opportunity to lose it. They also tell them that no one deemed them worthy enough to touch them sexually. They’ve even gone on to call virgins relics of a lost age, accusing them of following a tradition that enslaves and belittles women. They sing that what a man can do, a woman can do better and should enjoy it too. Deep down some are envious that they’re not.
  Most forget that yeah, it was taken from you or you’ve had sex, you can pray to God, ask forgiveness and decide to abstain from fornication and become chaste.
   There’s something virgins and non-virgins have in common. They say they love God or Allah and their religions mean the world to them. They show it by belonging in various units in their churches and mosques. They attend services in Church and Mosque religiously. That’s all good and great. If you love God, why don’t you show you love him in the real sense of the word by keeping his laws and making him happy? Is it an eye service love you present to people who’re watching?
   If you’re not a virgin and you claim you love God but the night or the morning before service be you a boy or a girl, you bang the brains out of your partner or you masturbate and show that dildo and that new lubricant what you’re made of alone in your room. You show all your bedmatics styles to another human and sing in pleasure and still have the guts and feel alright to walk into God’s place of worship and sit down. You even go ahead to sit down beside said partner in God’s house. You ask for forgiveness and that same day after service you bang your partner’s brain out or run the dildo battery down or jerk off as you watch porno and you’re ok with it and still claim you love God and go about singing you love God, it’s your prerogative really. Jisike! It’s between you and He that see all.

   You’re a virgin, be you boy or girl and you also claim you love God. You say you’re keeping your virginity till you get married because you want to keep God’s word, that’s great. You’re a virgin yet, you tell lies more than a merchant. You are the gossip mistress in your unit and enjoy peddling rumours about other people. You covet and eye and envy your friend’s good fortune, you even go as far as bearing false witness against another. You even stole your room mate or friends piece of clothing and wore it to church. You look at another who’s not a virgin and judge; it’s also your prerogative. Your tribalism is high and you dislike others from a different church and religion. You do this and liver gree you enter church, it’s between you and God.

   You love God and want to enter heaven yet you say you’re a man so you need to have sex whilst not married. You say sex is great and you keep having it whilst not married. You know what you’re doing is wrong; you just tell yourself ‘God will forgive me.’ You ask for forgiveness and go right back to it. You even console yourself with the excuse that you belong to a unit in church and are working for God in God’s house. You truly love God. Methinks God would appreciate you love him in all entirety, in the real sense of it.
  It gets me thinking that if we claim we love God and still hurt him, how then can we love a human being truly? That the world has changed ,does it mean God and his laws clearly stated in the bible have?

   In the end, he without sin should really cast the first stone. Yes, even in that statement there’s a disparity, you don’t know what you’re doing is a sin or you know it is a sin but keep doing it. To be sincere what person above the age twelve doesn’t know left from right, right from wrong? Well, Everything’s between us and our maker as we stay cognizant of the truth that death can come at any time when we least expect it.
Who do you think will make heaven between the two?

 P.S: As all articles on this blog are, these are my thoughts and observations on the matter. 

Friday, January 1, 2016


  Chioma (not real name) is one of the toughest people I know. She’s successful, principled, opinionated and from a happy home. Sometimes when I visit their family home when she’s there, I marvel at the closeness and love between her parents. She’s in her early thirties now and I want to be her when I grow up or so I thought. There’s this dude, Nonso (not real name) I’ve met a couple of times at her place. They look good together. He’s successful too. He’s in the papers every now and then, won a bunch of awards and loved by everyone that comes across him, he’s a natural charmer. Nope, he didn’t charm me.
   I met chioma two years ago when she was 30 and a virgin. Anyways, one day a couple of months after our initial meeting, I was in her area and I decided to pay her a surprise visit. (I never arrive unannounced at people’s places. I knew she was home.) I arrive at her place and it takes her a while to open the door. She had a huge shiner on her face. She dragged me in and locked the door fast behind me, she was scared. I asked her what was going on and that’s when she opened up.
  She met Nonso a year before me via a mutual friend and they got on like a house on fire. It was easy to talk to him. He was such a gentleman. They even had same interests in art and other things. It felt great to finally meet a guy that understood her and she could be herself with. She told him she was a virgin and he applauded her resolve to wait. She thought the universe had finally sent her a good man. She trusted him. Well, she’d been to his place a couple of times and they’d made out sans clothing.
  One night, they got down to heavy foreplay. Before the foreplay they’d had a discussion where she’d asked what they were doing and Nonso had said He wasn’t prepared for a relationship and begged if they could please take things slow. She said when they started kissing, she wasn’t worried because she felt safe with him, and he was like her best-friend. Fast-forward minutes later, she’s on her belly and he’s behind her, next, he’s on top of her, flat. He said he just wanted to lie on top of her, that he wasn’t going to go in. She said, she tried to move and realised she couldn’t move, his body held her in place and she tells him, ‘Nonso, hope you’re not going in? Don’t make any mistake and enter o.’ and he says again, ‘No, I’m not going in.’ Two seconds didn’t pass and she felt him sliding home. She said she pushed him off her body with all the strength in her being. She was shocked and angry, she’d raised her voice and he’d begged her that it was a mistake. That he’d felt her no was a yes. That he didn’t believe she was a virgin. She cried through the night and he’d held her as she cried still apologizing.
  Anyways years later, they were still where they were though amidst silence and periods of her keeping away from him. She told me she was in love with him and he’d said he loved her too but they weren’t in a relationship. They’ve still not had sex. She tries to go, he draws her back. Well, he insults her sometimes, calls her a whore, tells her she begs for sex everyday and that he has text messages where she begged for it and pictures of her, Sometimes, he’d hit her but still no sex but he did with other girls.
  I sat there and took a good look at this beautiful strong woman. Next time I saw him I felt like breaking a bottle over his head. Well, since that day till last year I kept trying to make her see that he’d planned to rape her. Yes, you’d say he lost control but why put her in a position where she couldn’t move at all? Why go in less than two seconds after he’d assured her he’d not? What if she hadn’t been able to push him from her belly on the bed position? She still couldn’t leave a man that wasn’t offering her anything.
  Well, the Sugabelly story broke out and I sent her Lotanna’s blog link and she read and told me it felt like she was reading her own story.

  There’s this other girl I met during my University days, Ralia (not real name). Her’s was different. One night, she’d left her room door open and slept off. (She always yabbed me for always locking my door like a bank vault.) She woke and felt this dude on top her. Her room door was locked; he had his hand clamped over a mouth. He raped her. She wasn’t a virgin. Anyways, dude goes, ‘I’m really sorry. I don’t know what came over me. You’re really beautiful and I have strong feelings for you.’ something along those lines if I remember correctly. Well, that very night, immediately after his profession of love, cultists stormed the hostel and this dude (I think he’s one of them o), protected her.  That’s how she wouldn’t leave this guy alone. I tried talking sense but she stayed with him until recently. The way she defends this dude ehn, she for slap me one day. If you know how many years ago I left Uni, your eyes will pop at how long she’s been with him.

  These two stories sound too weird to be real. WHO STAYS FRIENDS WITH OR LOVES THEIR RAPIST OR SOMEONE WHO’S HURT THEM?
 The human mind is bigger, stronger and easily worked on than most people can comprehend. Even the strongest of persons fall prey to their own minds in situations they would never have let themselves stay in; they even advise others against it. The situation can be physical and other forms.
  Something similar had happened in both stories. The human mind has its own coping and survival mechanism. These two ladies were not visibly vulnerable nor were they mentally disturbed or weak characters. Their minds had found a way to cope with an event that had jarred it.
  In Chioma’s case, the jarring event was his betrayal of trust and pushing himself in. Let me try and explain. She’d been groomed by him without even knowing it. He’d planted himself in a certain way in her mind; dependable, trustworthy, best friend etc. And then he decided to break her hence the rape that didn’t proceed as it should then he restores himself in her mind by holding her close through the night as she cried. Her mind stayed stuck in the Nonso of before that night and she refused to see the truth that she was a victim of rape. Her psychology of being a strong woman and waiting years for the right guy couldn’t let her see herself as a victim or weak, which was why she could stay in contact with him, even think herself in love with him, kiss him and take all the shit he gave her.  Her mind kept trying to reboot to find the Nonso she knew and kept seeing that and glimpses of him. Kept obeying him to get back to where they were before the event. Have I lost you? He groomed her and after the event, she developed a Stockholm syndrome for and towards her captor if I could use that. It’s all a mind game.
  In Ralia’s case. The event had come first, her mind’s equilibrium was broken and he mended it by an act of mercy after breaking her. He’d protected her. He’d even gone on that night as the cultists ransacked the hostel to tell her about his life. He’d added a feeling of familiarity, bonding to his act of mercy. So her mind went with ‘He’s not a monster. He’s really great.’
  They both couldn’t move until they went back to that event and reset their minds. Staying in touch with their captors was to keep telling themselves that ‘See, he’s a friend. He likes me. He’s a good person. Nothing went wrong. I’m not a victim etc.’
  Yep, everything is and can be controlled through the human mind. That’s how the media and the government control the people.
  Before you give the masochistic excuse of they are women and their minds are weak, ever wondered how military persons get captured by an enemy and they turn on their home country and support the cause of the enemy? Please, did you watch the series’ HOMELAND’? The season one to be precise, a military man who’d been captured returns to the US a hero and we get to see as the series progressed that he now saw the US, his own country as the enemy. He believed and fought for the cause of those who’d captured and tortured him, even made him kill a fellow military man. You could say he was brainwashed, yep, a Stockholm was done on him. You can tell yourself, ‘It’s just a series.’ Where do you think the idea came from? It’s happened in real life. Not once, not twice over the course of history. Now you know why people that stay in abusive relationships, stay and even defend their partners.

The dudes in my two stories, have you wondered why they stayed in touch with the ladies?
  It’s all a power game to them. The attention they’re getting, to have someone whose mind they’ve turned and placed at their feet, someone who thinks they’re great and needs them no matter what they do and say to them, to make sure the ladies stay in line. It’s a rush and there’s nothing like it so they never let them leave.  To keep the ladies in check, they never give the ladies much in order to keep them wanting. To work on them some more so they can never tell anyone. They break their victims down not only by physical events but sometimes with emotional and verbal events eat away at the self esteem or the put up principles or beliefs of their victims. If you sit down and begin to analyze people and their actions and why they do things, you’ll marvel. The dominators aren’t just men o and the victims aren’t just women. Both sexes apply. The dominators never leave proof behind, they cover their tracks and the victims in their moments of loving their captors never keep any proof. In the end when the victim realizes what had happened to them, there’s no proof, they sound stupid.
   There are sick, twisted, psychotic, psychopaths and sociopaths today. They look normal to the world ; successful, well groomed, charming, likeable etc but when they let their guard down and you really see them in an intimate , no walls up way ,you’ll run for cover.(that’s why I don’t buy or fawn over popular people and what people of our appearance generation show. Topic for another day). The most dangerous of people look normal, not just normal but they look perfect.
  I watched the whole Sugabelly saga proceed. Some people insulted her mom, some called Sugabelly names, some said it happened because she was seventeen and she wasn’t fully developed, others said she wanted it, a political bulldog. Some have even wondered why she kept going back to him, doing the things she did for him. Some have said it can’t be true that it must be a lie and she’s a schizophrenic or crazy girl that made it all up. Well, hope this helps you understand a little that her story is a possibility. The events she narrated could happen. It has nothing to do with age, family background, religion, gender, strength, vulnerability or naivety it’s your mind. Sometimes, in harsh situations that jar your psyche, your mind finds a way to cope with it. E.g., Nigerians and their attitude when they hear money has been looted by government officials or Government takes a decision that isn’t favourable. The minds of most Nigerians are in a Stockholm syndrome place. Other countries look at us and wonder ‘Why do they keep letting the same thing happen to them over and over and over? They’re like a horse tied to a chair.’
  Control or bend a person’s mind and you can do anything and make them do anything without them even knowing it. To people looking on from the outside, we can’t comprehend it and you have to be responsible for your actions even if you were the supposed victim but it’s a tiny event. I could go on and on, I’ll stop here.

What’s a Sugabelly year?
Lotanna’s mind has been freed. She’s addressed her event. She’s taken herself off autopilot and is driving her life now. (I’d like to believe that.)
  A Sugabelly year to me should be and is a year of new beginnings, shedding the shackles of the past finally, moving forward and embracing the present and future with happiness. It’s a year of promise, a year of action from a past of being on autopilot. It’s being heard after crying out to be heard for years. It’s a year of big dreams. It’s a beautiful year. A Sugabelly year is a year of hope.

Have a Sugabelly year!!!

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