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Wednesday, March 25, 2015



 The Nigerian Presidential election is here. Nigerians will stroll out in their hordes to change the course of their country. In a way, there’s no greater power than that. It’s rightly said that to whom much is given, much is expected. To every Nigerian wielding a PVC sword, much is expected of you.
    Let’s look at the reasons you shouldn’t think of before you strike your blow;
TRIBE:  please take the tribe of the contestant out of it. Tribalism has been one of the biggest issues Nigeria has ever had and still has. You owe your allegiance to a country and not a tribe. Nigeria is a country, not a tribe. Don’t vote for a candidate because he or she is from your part of the country.
LANGUAGE:  Naturally tribe leads me into language. There’s nothing sweeter than hearing someone address you in a language you call yours, be it English or some native tribe. You feel like they’re family.
RELIGION:  Another cankerworm that won’t leave this country alone. Religion has destroyed our nation a lot. You’ll be doing the wrong thing if you decide to vote a candidate because you like his religion and it’s the same as yours. Religion sincerely doesn’t influence a man’s character. We all know that even though we love to ignore the truth about religion and what people in it do.
AGE:  Age is really nothing but a number. That someone is young doesn’t mean they have anything to offer you, that they’re old, same thing. One’s age, really doesn’t show what one has to offer you. Capability and character has nothing to do with age.
POLITICAL PARTY:  I like umbrella! I like broom! Please, before you decide that you like one political party or the other and want to vote for their candidate, do check their track record. What have they offered in all the states they were present in? What kind of development did they effectuate? Forget who and who are in the party that you don’t like but what the party can offer because sincerely any candidate you put in has a party behind him, checking(dictating) his moves.
EDUCATION: Education we all know doesn’t mean one is educated and learned. There are some qualities going to school doesn’t give you. The level of their education shouldn’t matter.
 THE VPS, WIVES, ADVISERS AND PEOPLE AROUND THEM: try and investigate the characters of the individuals around them. Who gives them advise, who do they listen to? A man or woman doesn’t rule alone.
   After the elections and your candidate doesn’t win and you decide to go on a rampage, kill people, injure them, and destroy properties of the supposed members of the opposition, SHAME ON YOU!!! You’ll be a total disgrace to Nigeria, your children; born and unborn. The candidates you’d be causing mayhem for won’t come and join you in doing it. They’d even disassociate themselves from you. THEY DON'T KNOW YOU.
   There’s one thing you should know about this coming elections; IT’S NOT ABOUT YOU!!! This election is about Nigeria, a country and not an individual, a group of individuals or a party.
   Questions you should ask yourself are; what does Nigeria need? What are the problems killing Nigeria and who can bring a faster solution to those problems?
   The most important questions of all are; What Nigeria do I want my children and children unborn to grow up in? How will my decision of a candidate affect this country? Where does Nigeria deserve to be in the next four years?
   A peaceful election depends on YOU. A peaceful post election also depends on YOU. If your candidate doesn’t win, be a patriotic Nigerian and don’t destroy Nigeria for your selfish reasons or theirs.
   As a Nigerian, it is your right, civic duty and responsibility to vote but more importantly it is your patriotic duty to weigh seriously the decision of who to vote before you cast that vote.


Friday, March 20, 2015

Frances Okeke: SEARCHING FOR JOHNNY 4 (fiction)

Frances Okeke: SEARCHING FOR JOHNNY 4 (fiction): ‘Tessa what are you doing here o? ‘    I hate going to the mall in the evening. It’s always like a market square, ok, worse than that.  ...

Thursday, March 12, 2015


‘Tessa what are you doing here o? ‘
   I hate going to the mall in the evening. It’s always like a market square, ok, worse than that.  It’s four pm and yet... I don’t know what mum sees in this mall’s bread. She begged me to buy it and now I’ve been told the bread is not ready, I have to wait for two hours. God knows if I leave now, I’d never come back which has led me to this fast food to enjoy this tasteless minced pie.
   Some fast foods should be shut down. Don’t they taste what that? Yes it is. I hope he can’t see me? Nope! Another reason why I hate the mall, you see people you don’t want to see.
   He still looks good. I haven’t seen him in four years. Luke Ogbodo. I would have been married to him; I think or at least dated him if only he’d seen me. Why is my heart beating really fast? Should I go over and say hi before he sees me? Should I hide? Nah! He won’t be able to see me all the way from that fast food across with people passing in the middle.
   Luke was the one guy I ever really liked. We’d known for three years but our relationship never went past the bedroom. Yes God, the sex was great and kinky, really really great. I’m getting wet thinking about it. (Lol). I developed feelings and I told him I liked him, he said he liked me too. I’m never vulnerable, I don’t trust easily and I show no feelings but I did with him. I wanted more than just being fuck buddies. I thought he felt same.  I was invited to a party by a guest and that’s how I met Bola. She could talk sha. I’ve never met anyone that meets you within an hour and downloads her personal file to you.
   One night after three rounds of mind blowing sex, he began to ask me how my day went. I didn’t feel like talking but he kept asking so I told him I ran into a mutual friend called Bola Adeyinka. He sat up fast in bed and asked;
‘I pray you didn’t make me look bad before her? Did you tell her about us?’
   Something died in me that night. I told him no and he went on that he hopes so. I told him she said he likes her that they met at his place two days before and they kissed and stuff. He didn’t deny it. He told me he really liked her that it didn’t mean he didn’t like me too but she’s loving and caring. She’s very playful and fun to chat with. She gets him that he wants to be a friend to her and if I told her about us it would hurt her. She’s had so many bad things happen to her and she’s learning to trust him though her problem was that he had too many girls around him. He wants to be close to her and be someone she can rely on even if they don’t date and he would never hurt her, if they date then it’s God’s will that he really hopes I said nothing.
   I assured him I didn’t because I didn’t and I prayed things work out for them.
   Kels told me I was very stupid that I should have told him the truth. The truth was and is that Bola is bisexual. She was more of a lesbian because she enjoyed sex more with girls. (Lol). I told her nothing about Luke and I and I told Luke nothing about her female lovers.
   Kels insisted then that I should have at least fought for him. I think that’s stupid. I might be a sex freak but I want what my mum and dad had; real love. Someone that likes you and just you, you don’t question if they do or not, it’s evident by their actions besides, who wants to play second fiddle or be a back up for some other girl?
‘Tessa you’re getting emotional o!’
   But it’s true. I want acceptance, some guy that looks at me and knows it’s me he wants. His telling me all that told me the answer I sought; I was just a fuck buddy to him, always was, always will be. She was the ONE to him.
   One thing Kels doesn’t understand till date is, you don’t and should never compete for a guy. That’s going stupid. Choose a person that chooses you. If he wants some other girl, pull out of the picture and let him have her.
‘Tessa you don turn relationship counsellor for your mind. (Lol)’
   Luke and Bola were perfect for each other. He had a saviour complex that only wanted timid pour my problems on you girls that he could save and Bola had the damsel in distress, let me tell you my deepest problems so you can like me syndrome (lol).
   They’ve been married, three years now. I guess Bola realised he was the perfect cover and Luke could never divorce her cause he had an image to protect. Maybe he knew she was bi and thought his mojo and love could save her and be enough (lmfao).
   Kels told me, he found out about Bola’s recent girlfriend, some hot Brazilian chic. He caught them in bed. The news is about town.
   Kels can be funny sometimes, asking me if he comes back for me, would I take him. HELL NO!  Who wants a Tokunbo man? Because the love of your life that you chose turns out to be a mistake, you now remember the poor girl you left behind. Lol!
   I’m six feet of gorgeousness. I’m stubborn,i'm confident, I love sex, I’m crazy, I’m kind and loving if you show it first, I’m a believer of actions not words, anyone who gives up all of this for all of whatever, doesn’t deserve a second of my time.
‘Wait! Did Kels tell him I’ll be here????’
   Thank God, he’s leaving. He’s aged ten years in just three years. I pity him...pity! That’s why my heart was beating fast. Poor Luke!
   I have a blind date next tomorrow. All part of my Johnny quest thanks to Uzo and Kels who sings I have to meet men, go on dates. (Lol)
‘I wonder what he’d be like. There are lots of crazy men in this town sha.’
One hour more to burn here before the infamous bread gets ready. Tessa, you should have just seen a movie.

You reading, you do understand that all content on this site are copyrighted, my intellectual property and can’t be lifted off into any other form of media? Ok, we’re cool. 

Friday, March 6, 2015


Frances' Box : THE SOCIETY RULE BOOK:      Society has existed for generations, even before you and I were thought of being conceived. There are rules that have been passed...


 Society has existed for generations, even before you and I were thought of being conceived. There are rules that have been passed down for as long as society has been in existence. They have been tried and tested from generation to generation. We all still met it and we follow them. Does it make the old rules bad? Nope. There are rules everywhere; relationships, friendship, business, etc.
In relationships:     
·         You don’t have sex with a guy on a first date or he’ll see you as a tramp.  I know a girl that had sex with a guy on the first day, they’re married now with kids and very happy.

·         You’re a man, don’t let a girl know how much you like her, show her how desirable you are to other girls.  The second a male friend tried that crap with a girl he liked, she waltzed into the arms of another guy. She thought he was a flirt and didn’t like her genuinely.

·         You’re a girl; you need to play hard to get no matter how much you like the guy, Men love the hunt.  A friend of mine played hard to get with the guy of her dreams, the poor bloke just lost interest. He was tired of the hot and cold treatment. He saw her as a tease and a user. He really really liked her but couldn’t read her mind.

·         Never be the first to tell a guy how you feel or he’ll take you for granted.  Another girl I heard about told a guy she loved him first, she even proposed to him. They’re happy.

·         If a guy cheats on you and you stay with him, he’ll never appreciate you.  He cheated, she didn’t say a word but he knows she knows. She stayed with him and he loves her more for it. Scared of doing it again. Lol!

·         A man is the head of the house.  He tried the lord and master approach on her, she packed her bags and left.

·         You and your partner must have things in common. So, I’m a writer and always indoors and he’s a writer too and always indoors before his laptop how does that work. The rule of opposites attracts fits in here. You bring your half, I bring mine, it comes together and forms a whole is the best to me, rub off on each other.

·         If you’re a man, your life partner should be younger than you. I leave this for you to fill in.

In Friendship
·         Birds of a feather flock together.  I guess it works for most people but if all my friends were like me, had same interests and everything; I’d be bored out of my mind. Besides, I’d have nothing to write about or characters to base on. Lol!

·         Real friends will never hurt you. They are human beings. A friend got hurt by another friend. She finally forgave her and that friend cherishes their friendship now more than ever. They’ve gotten to know each other’s weakness and are ok with it.

·         Show me your friends and I’ll tell you who you are. Practically same with the first. Someone I know has a gay best friend but he isn’t one nor is he bi-sexual. He’s the straightest guy I ever met, no cover ups.
In Business:
·         This kind of business venture never succeeds. I’m sure Thomas Edison, Bill gates, Steve Jobs and many others had their ears filled with that.

·         You need to serve a master before you can become good in your own business. I’ve met people that never worked in any firm after university but started theirs and are very successful at it.

·         When in Rome, act like the Romans: I’m sure you can think of an exception here.

   There are loads of such rules. Funny thing is it doesn’t work for everybody. Not everyone’s happy following these rules. There are exceptions to the rules, though very little. The rules are not bad. They’ve been tried and tested by billions of people. There are just a certain few that some or one of them never works for. They keep trying to force it to work but it doesn’t, they deviate from the rule and get what they want.
   In the end, no rule will guide you forever, it’s you. It’s to know what makes you and your God happy. A is different from B. I’ve seen some relationships and I’m like WTF but the occupants are happy in their madness. If you’ve been following certain rules and it’s not been working. You could change it up and do what makes you happy. No rule is really carved in stone. It’s about finding sincere lovers, friends and business partners. You could waste a rule on A but it works on B.
   Just do what makes you happy, regret sucks and life is really really short. Cheers!

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