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Friday, September 19, 2014


Arise o compatriots, Nigeria’s call obey.....

They better scrap the national anthem because it has become a sham. No one is ready to obey any call or die for Nigeria and there’s no serving of the fatherland. This article is meant for you reading it right now,
 You say the problem with Nigeria is the leaders. You say the leaders are corrupt. Aren’t you? There are other forms of corruption asides bribery and embezzlement which they do. Didn’t you ever cheat in the exam hall? You passed the answers of the questions to your friend or got it from them or you entered with extra materials or you arranged with the invigilator or had someone else write for you, you are corrupt! You open your mouth and say ‘he is a Yoruba man’ or any other tribe that’s not yours and you give that job, contract to someone else you agree with. You say Hausa's are stupid, Igbo’s are greedy and like too much money, Yoruba’s are backstabbers, calabar people and dogs. You have said something about someone from another tribe or you refuse to have dealings with them and you say you are not corrupt? Forgetting that tribe is secondary and being Nigerian is primary. You also bring religion into the equation. You don’t give that job or render that help because he’s a Muslim or because she’s not from your Christian denomination. You are corrupt! Nigerians are corrupt and not just the leaders. Yeah, theirs is on a larger scale because now it’s our money. You are corrupt and you expect your leaders not to be? Did they fall from the sky? Didn’t they emerge from your community? If you are corrupt now and you get into power like them, do you think a miracle would happen and your old habits and self would die?
 Nigerians are just a bunch of unpatriotic people. If we have patriots in this country, they wouldn’t be up to five percent of the entire population. Are you on Facebook, twitter or you use a BB; I have a question for you? Have you ever put up on your DP or PM about the US 9/11? When those kids were shot in school in the US did you put it up and pray for them? When Obama got in as president, what was on your DP and PM? We are so concerned about happenings in other countries and not in our own country, we could care less. Have you ever put up a DP or Pm or status to remember the millions that died during the Nigerian civil war? There have been numerous massacres in Nigeria lately, have you changed your DP for that? There are refugees in your countries that have lost their homes thanks to BokoHaram and the flooding in the country, have you changed your DP or changed your status for that? Last year over fifty students between ages18-22 were killed in Yobe state while they slept, no one talked about it.  Let one thing happen in the US or some other country and you see people changing DPS. Yeah you put up the ALUU4 ish because the video and pictures were everywhere and you did the whole #bringbackourgirls ish weeks after it happened because the US and every country was pondering over it. (yeah call yourself patriotic).Everyone was talking about it and you didn’t want to be left out. Like we all don’t see that angry mob when we pass beating up someone and we do nothing. That’s the Nigerian thing, It’s none of your business, fold your hands and do nothing about it. We are not proactive about anything concerning the country. If you cannot be bothered about helping a fellow Nigerian nor going out of your way to help save a life or do something selfless asides from going to the motherless babies home and taking pictures to show people how awesome you are or doing some mundane charity walk with printed shirts and banners where you invite the press. If you cannot be a little bit selfless now as an individual that doesn’t wield too much authority , when you do get into a position of power, why would you go out of your way to help Nigerians you said you would help? It’s not in your nature to do that.                                                                                 Reason it, now you see why our leaders are selfish. It didn’t start from them getting in there; it started from where YOU are now. If you can’t be bothered about your country and are in love with other countries, when you get there you’d do worse than them; take away the money, send your kids to schools abroad, buy houses abroad, have a headache and fly out for medical treatment, get a private jet so you don’t have to go by road, give license to foreign companies to float death coffins in the air, turn your country into a dumping ground of substandard services and products etc. Character wasn’t built in a day.
 What have you done for Nigeria in your life and personal dealings with fellow Nigerians (not your tribe) lately? Nigerians sing praises of the US. Do you think the US magically came into existence? They were colonised by Great Britain too. Have you never heard of their declaration of Independence? They had selfless people fight. They also had their civil war. They didn’t leave their country to another instead of developing it. They didn’t vie for another country and sing we love those countries. They took what they had and worked on it for over a century and more. They stayed there. They were not running to escape to other countries and leave theirs behind like a lot of Nigerians are doing. Why not stay here and build this country? If you love the US so much, remember we are just 53 years old, soon to be 54, our life span isn’t up to theirs. Why not copy them and stay in your own country. Why not copy them and be patriotic, fight for this country that is waddling? Copy them and be proactive about your country. Be proactive about what is going on in the National Assembly and the bills that are being passed every time. Don’t you know you and I have the power to change a bill? These people represent us. What bill do you know was passed lately? Do you even care to know?
 You are a Nigerian? Let me guess the only time you celebrate that is on October 1st. You change your DP, Pm, Status and you wear green and white. Can you speak any of the three major languages? You speak English, English is the language of the US and Great Britain. Do you speak yours? It mustn’t be your tribal language. Can you speak any? Have you bothered to learn any Nigerian culture? Do you even eat native dishes when put before you? Not just your tribal one but from other tribes?
   Let me guess, you pray for Nigeria on that day, right? You ask God to help our country and all that shit. Haven’t you ever heard that heaven helps those who help themselves? Wait, you think God would jump down from his throne and the country would miraculously become like France, the Us, The UK, Dubai, HongKong, Malaysia and co? Please wake up from your lazy slumber. Why would God give you hands, legs and a brain to go with it? Why do you think there has been no change in the country after many years of that same prayer? It is terribly annoying when people pray and do nothing to change their situation. Or you think it’s one person, a single human being that would change the largest black population and one of the most populated countries in the world? You’ve got to be kidding and forgive yourself for sounding foolish. If you want a change in Nigeria, be proactive. It’s not by praying alone. It’s time for elections and you sit in your house. What prevents you and others from standing there in the voting centre and make sure things work accordingly? You don’t even come out to vote. So, why won’t your voter’s data be used to vote for someone when you won’t even use it. You want a change in this country and you are waiting for a miracle? You are just plain ridiculous. Don’t you get tired of the same thing? I am tired if you are not but one broom stick doesn’t a broom make.
 Please fold your hands some more and pray. Your unborn kids will come and meet the same things you have met. Even if we are not proactive for ourselves, let us be for our unborn generations. I don’t want my grandkids to come and meet the rubbish I have seen. Aren’t you tired? Don’t you want more? What exactly will you celebrate on October 1st; did you help in any way to save this country? I am tired of sitting in a dark room or listening to the sound of the generators in the dead of the night roaring like tamtams, I am tired of driving and having to do grand theft auto driving abi grand tourismo.
 Look at China today, they go to the US to study and then come back immediately to theirs. Yeah, some live outside but darn it, I’m tired of typing, my battery is about to die. We can make this country better. We can! The upstanding people leave hoodlums to get into the senate, house of Rep, State assemblies, executive positions and the rest because they are not interested in politics. Even if you are not, why not try for the sake of your children and their children. I don’t like politics but if it can help me make a change somehow, create a check and balance somewhere, I love it right now. There are things we can do to curtail their excesses even as civilians. We have the power. Why sit in your room and do nothing? Why aid and increase the corruption in this country with your dealings? Why hate people from other tribes?
 You are a Nigerian first. You are not Yoruba, Ibo or Hausa first. You are a Nigerian! What have you done to help your country lately? What have you done for your country asides sitting there and pray? Praying and changing your DP once every year  on October 1st won’t cut it. What have you done?       Elections are around the corner, go figure. Cheers! Be Pro-Nigeria!

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