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Saturday, April 5, 2014



  Sometimes we look around and feel unsatisfied with where we are in life. It’s a natural human emotion to want more, to need more, to want it all. We all have complaints about one thing or the other in life. Even the richest men in the world, need and want some things in their lives. Sadly, no one’s life is perfect they say.
  Well, maybe it’s our wants and desires that make our lives seem less than perfect. With our wants always in sight, we often forget to be grateful for the things that we had and still have.
  It doesn’t mean we should compare our lives to that of others but we have the greatest gift that some don’t have; Life. We breathe, we move, we eat, we think, we stool without aid, we can run, dance and so many other things. We are hale and hearty. There is no gift in the world that beats it. Even all the money in the world, all the love in the world can’t buy life. Life is one thing everyman be he rich or poor covets. If there was an elixir to life, people would kill to have it. 
   If you think your life is in a rut, look around you to the beggars on the streets with various ailments, if that doesn’t cheer you up that your life is great, think of people you know who’ve died and others cut down in their prime. What they say is true, 'when there is life, there is hope’. You have a chance they do not have. No matter what you think that problem is, how great it seems, how depressing, embarrassing, you are alive. That problem hasn’t won you yet. When it wins is when you let it kill you and stop you from living your life. You become so obsessed with making money and gaining recognition and respect that you lose yourself and forget to actually live and enjoy the little things. Life just passes by you. You fill your life with fake appearances and people.
  Life is short ,true but it isn’t how long you lived nor how rich you were but how well you lived the life you had, especially to yourself. Did you stay true to yourself and your beliefs? 
  Your life isn’t bad, no matter how sad, dreadful, heart breaking it is. You are alive! If nothing else can cheer you up, that should. When you take a step, smile. When you put that spoon laden with food into your mouth, smile. When you pass in the loo, big smile. Take a deep breath and smile. If you are reading this, give your brightest smile. You are alive and that’s bigger than your problem, no matter what it is. Stay happy!

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