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Wednesday, May 29, 2013


  If there was a subject I paid attention to back in my secondary school days, Government would be it. In fact, it was the only course I paid attention to. It always intrigued me and it still does. I tried understanding the terms, how different forms of government came to be and every gritty nitty detail about them. I used to love reading about the American Revolution, how their constitution was formed.Ancient Greece's history was my bedtime story. Even then, my favourite Nigerian political stories were about the fight for independence. How each person contributed. Yes I went past the government textbooks, (I had lots of them). I read about their personal ambitions, vendettas in the fight for independence. The clamours for independence regionally (why isn’t Nigeria a confederacy if I may ask?). Pity I could not study Law or Political science. I think a lot that I often get carried away. Back to the right train of thought. Today is

Thursday, May 9, 2013


   You should have heard my friend, Jude, speak then. He would always go into lectures about how girls liked fronting unnecessarily. He said girls front for long and lose good men. He didn’t see the sense in it, that if you meet a guy you like and he likes you and is asking you out, what are you waiting for? Say yes before you miss out on him. The problem with girls is that they are not honest with themselves, they like stringing guys along. They’d now carry the great guys and put in the friend zone. If you see something you like, you should go for it. He’d now give you an example of a girl in his class, Ofure, whom his friend Lucas was interested in. Lucas tried hard to win Ofure over but Ofure acted uninterested. Everyone knew Lucas liked her but as the days turned into five months of trying to win Ofure, Lucas got tired. Luckily for Lucas, another girl

Tuesday, May 7, 2013


You see that man and your heart skips. He treats you like a goddess. He goes out of his way for you but when it comes to people he has no reason to be kind to he becomes a monster. He treats the helps like slaves and you tell yourself, ‘it’s because they are just helps’. He treats his family badly and never keeps the promises he made to them and you tell yourself ‘well, maybe they did something to him.’ He never has a kind word to say about his colleagues from work, you see him smile at them before their faces and tears them down behind their backs; he even does same to his friends. You see it all as nothing because he treats you well. He has nothing good to say about his exes and lays the fault at their doors and you say,’ they must have really hurt him.’
  One day you run into an ex of his and without knowing who you are to him, tells you about their relationship,

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