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Friday, January 25, 2013


   Michael flew from one church to the other. He was told his mother was a witch, another said he was dealing with an ancestral curse. He heard one story or the other everywhere he went. Michael is handsome, brilliant and was voted the most likely to succeed in his high school. He is thirty now and stuck in the same dead beat job he got after he passed out of the NYSC programme. The plan had been to work for two or three years and then start up his company. It’s been eight years now and he is still there. He had applied for other jobs but never got any. He had told his friends and family his plan but they all told him to hold on to the job he had, that his idea would never work in Nigeria, Jobs are hard to find now does he want to be broke, this is a steady job that brings in money at the end of the month you want to throw away for a pipedream. Michael internalized it all. He gave excuses in his head on why he shouldn’t start his company. He brought himself and his capability down in his mind. Today, someone else started up exactly that same idea Michael had and he is now a billionaire. The media calls him ‘THE NEXT MIKE ADENUGA’, ‘THE KID WITH THE MIDAS TOUCH.’ Michael believes now that he is cursed and is jumping from church to church to find out what went wrong with him.
   This is what went wrong;

Saturday, January 19, 2013


‘Love is blind.’ It is a general conclusion. Is it literal or figurative? I came across that expression during my Shakespeare mania days in his book The Merchant of Venice “love is blind and lovers cannot see.” Mercutio, one of the characters pointed out... “If love be blind, love cannot see the mark.” Now, you see it has been believed in over the ages and centuries that love is blind. Science proved this too. A research study by University College London in 2004 discovered that feelings of love suppressed the activity of the areas of the brain that control logical and rational thought. They say these neurochemical binders wear off as the relationship settles in.
That is for them. I have come to my conclusion that love is not blind. People are blind. Any love that is detrimental to your health and

Friday, January 4, 2013


  There are certain words that can save us a lot of trouble. They are very simple to say or rather they should be simple to say. The characters they contain are little. They can even help us win people over. People that use them a lot are called class, well mannered, educated. Ok, we should erase the educated part because sadly most educated people don’t use the words. Age also has nothing to do with; you will find elderly people that think it’s a taboo to say it to someone younger. It’s just a sheer case of pride. Pride because one feels they are older, better. For some, it has nothing to do with being older or better but pride doesn’t let them admit their faults. They can never be wrong. They would rather die than say ‘PLEASE, SORRY, THANK YOU.’ Those three words are very powerful. They are magic. They can make you new friends; get you a job, a promotion and so on.
  I will tell you a story. I observed it myself. Here it goes; 
   I was at a gathering and everyone was having a good time, laughing with friends and catching up on old gist. The only catch was that chairs were limited so a lot of people were standing. I was conversing with friends, that was when I heard the words ring loud and clear;
‘You have to keep this seat for Me.’ a male voice said,

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