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Friday, December 28, 2012


Nnenna Okorie was not beautiful. If you saw her, you’d never remember her the next day because she wasn’t striking either. Her face was gigantic for her frame. Her eyes like tiny buttons. Her nose too prominent,  her mouth wide and flat and her ears tiny. You could confuse her for a teddy bear that kids love. In reality, kids ran from her. No one wanted such a monstrosity, so everyone pushed her image from their minds, thus they forgot her. Not surprising that she never got asked out by men. At twenty-nine, she was still a virgin.
  What the gods didn’t give her in her physical appearance, they more than made up for with her voice. Yes, Nnenna Okorie was gifted. Her voice, no one could ever forget. Her voice could turn a mad man sane. Whenever she opened her mouth, people flocked to her. They couldn’t help themselves. Even the birds and animals in the neighbourhood loved to hear her.
  Now you see, Nnenna Okorie was no ordinary girl. Her voice has been compared to that of the Morning Star’s. And like him she was too in character. Nnenna Okorie had a nasty temper.

Saturday, December 15, 2012


   Are you grateful? I’m sure you’d tell me ‘yes I am. I wake up every morning and I thank my maker.’ Do you know sometimes our supposed prayers of thanksgiving can be born out of routine? We say the words but don’t really mean them. It’s like an automated response; we know we have to say it, so we do. Then most of us make a habit of not saying or really meaning that thank you unless something we’ve always wanted has been granted to us. Then you hear

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